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Green Development and Construction Program

This project is no longer being funded or actively pursued.

The ISTC Green Development and Construction Program offers environmental assistance and education to Illinois developers and builders of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. The program addresses workable, cost-effective, sustainable construction alternatives through a variety of services provided by ISTC's staff of engineers and scientists and partner organizations.

Final Report and Case Studies

Mission Statement

ISTC will be a resource for environmentally sustainable construction and development. As a resource, ISTC will provide information and technical assistance on issues such as lighting and energy management, pollution prevention, waste management, and process efficiency to residential and commercial designers, builders, realtors, private citizens and industrial manufacturers of building materials.

Core Values

Program Services

Green Building
ISTC engineers will assist developers and builders in the consideration of sustainable building alternatives that can be considered along with the reuse of demolition material.

Waste Management Planning
ISTC will assist clients to identify the components of jobsite waste streams, understand the conditions affecting waste management decisions, and establish plans to reduce, recycle or reuse construction and demolition waste.

Construction and Demolition Waste
ISTC can help builders find viable sources for recycling construction waste, establishing job-site recycling programs or finding waste recycling firms in your county that offer unique construction contracts.

Sustainable Energy
ISTC engineers are Certified Energy Managers (CEM) capable of assessing the effective use of building energy to increase profits, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness. An Energy Assessment focuses on reducing energy usage and developing methods to monitor, measure, report, and manage building energy consumption. ISTC can also help existing facilities such as schools, office buildings, and job shops with lighting requirements through an assessment of current lighting systems and by providing information on energy efficient lighting systems.

Regulatory Issues
ISTC engineers are versed in both federal and state environmental regulations pertaining to various industries including the construction industry. ISTC can assist developers and builders to ensure that all environmental requirements are meet including air, water and land permits and waste management planning.

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