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Technical Assistance

ISTC technical assistance engineers possess a unique mix of experience and training that enables them to investigate and solve a variety of business problems. Our experts can help businesses and organizations reduce all types of solid waste as well as toxic releases into the air or water. Industrial sectors that have been extensively served by ISTC include metal forming, metal finishing, plastics manufacturing, metal casting, printed wiring boards, printing, food processing, chemical manufacturing, military, hospitals and a variety of service oriented businesses.

An ISTC Technical Assistance staff member can visit your facility to gain a better understanding of your processes and to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing waste. Contact us!

About Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP), a team within the Illinois Sustainability Technology Center (ISTC), works with organizations in Illinois to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources and to minimize waste. As a change agency, TAP performs research, spreads awareness, and facilitates implementation regarding practices, technology and systems that improve sustainability. ISTC is a non-regulatory agency which has provided assistance to Illinois businesses and the public since 1985.

The ISTC mission is to encourage and assist citizens and businesses to prevent pollution and reduce waste to protect human health and the environment in Illinois and beyond.

ISTC will be a catalyst for change toward more sustainable technologies, processes and practices through our integrated program of research, demonstration projects, technical assistance and communication.

Long Range Plan Goals to Achieve Vision

  1. Enhance human and environmental health by reducing pollutants and chemical impacts
  2. Promote sustainable practices with an emphasis on zero-waste-to-landfill and zero-waste technologies and practices
  3. Reduce the environmental impact of energy production and utilization
  4. Promote sustainable use of water
  5. Advance sustainability through education and outreach efforts
  6. Strengthen the Center's financial base and administrative, technical, and scientific competencies

TAP Technical Services
Through our work with Illinois business and industry TAP works to prevent pollution and wastes from entering the environment and also helps organizations maintain economic viability. Each year ISTC's pollution prevention efforts help our clients collectively save millions of dollars and hundreds of thousand tons of waste from being released into the environment and assists businesses in sustaining and growing jobs in Illinois.

TAP offers business and industry on-site expert assistance on issues including:

TAP Staff

The ISTC Approach

ISTC engineers work as change agents to help customers identify and implement practices that improve efficiency. Services typically begin with a free assessment to develop strategies and set priorities for addressing issues. Some of these recommended practices require only basic changes in existing processes. Other opportunities may include the development, transfer, or diffusion of innovative technologies. No matter the size of the project, ISTC can provide a sustainable solution!

Here are some ways that ISTC can help your organization become sustainable:

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